Frostbite (Vampire Academy, Book 2). Home · Frostbite Richelle Mead - Vampire Academy 2 - Frostbite The Vampire Lestat (Vampire Chronicles, Book 2). Like always, this book couldn't have been written without the help and support of my friends and family. In particular, I need to thank my IM Counseling Team. FROSTBITE is the second book in the international Number 1 bestselling Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead - NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE.

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    Frostbite Book Pdf

    Frostbite Pdf is available here. You can download Frostbite Pdf, Frostbite Pdf by Series: Vampire Academy (Book 2). Publisher. Vampire Academy Series 2: Frostbite. Rose loves Dimitri, Dimitri might love Tasha, and Mason would die to be with Rose It's winter break at St. Vladimir's, but. Richelle Mead: Frostbite-Vampire Academy Bk. 2 Frostbite Vampire Academy Book 2 Richelle Mead [v Scanned & Spellchecked by the_usual from dt] [v .

    Once they arrive at the home of the Moroi family he protects, they discover a bloody massacre of the entire family and their guardians, including Arthur. Rose also discovers a silver stake, a magical device which Strigoi cannot touch, meaning the Strigoi must have had human assistance in their attack. The massacre puts the vampire community on high alert. To keep the students at St. Vladimir's Academy safe, a ski trip to a lodge owned by a wealthy Moroi family is required right after Christmas. During the ski trip, panic sets in when news of another Strigoi attack on a royal Moroi family spreads, where one of the dead was Mia's mother. During her stay at the lodge, Rose talks to her mother and finds out that Tasha is not only a friend of Dimitri, but she also wants him to be her guardian, and even more astonishingly that she wants to have a relationship with him and as it seems Dimitri is all up for it; she also meets a royal Moroi named Adrian Ivashkov, who shows obvious interest in Rose, and later becomes friendly with Lissa after they both discover they are Spirit users. During Adrian's pool party, Mason, his friend Eddie, and Mia begin voicing their opinions about hunting Strigoi. After a heated argument with Dimitri, Rose tells Mason confidential information about the possible whereabouts of the Strigois' hideouts. Using Rose's information, Mia, Mason, and Eddie sneak out of the ski lodge and travel to Spokane, Washington, to hunt down the Strigoi themselves. Rose discovers their plan, and she and Christian run out to stop them. Rose and Christian find the group and convince them to return to the lodge. However, they are ambushed by Strigoi led by Isaiah, who hold them captive for days, threatening to kill the young novices and convince either Christian or Mia to turn into Strigoi by killing one of their friends. Rose and Christian eventually come up with a plan to escape, and they all manage to get out of the house into the protection of the light, except Rose, who is left fighting Isaiah and his subordinate Elena.

    Without realizing the importance of her discovery she conversed with the artificial intelligence as she would have done with any human. Amidst the chaos of the factory world. When the workers revolted. The young woman. The young girl went underground after the uprising was repressed. In both cases. Babylon Zero is a unit of her own. Her re-birth caused a critical failure in the EMI Grid of Damocles and plunged the factory world into further anarchy.

    Destined to join her parents on the assembly lines at the factory. It changed both her face and her perception of the world forever. The conversation was intercepted by Therians loyal to the consensus who had set out to eliminate Nina. Her qualities allowed her to become an editorialist for the Ava Daily.

    Determined to change mentalities through subtlety rather than brute force. Just before the newspaper was hacked into by the Red Blok and its subsequent liquidation by Syndicate.

    The fascination was immediate and mutual: Running for her life the young woman bumped into a revolutionary spetsnatz kommando unit who captured her. Nina and the information she held became the stakes in a fierce struggle between the U. She constitutes a new unit but can join a friendly unit see AT The Rulebook. When Babylon Zero is destroyed the miniature representing Nina Zero on foot is deployed where her machine stood. Lady in red: Her split personality still makes most of her old contacts uncomfortable.

    The unit cannot include heroes. Babylon Zero: Routines Nina Zero and Babylon Zero have access to the following routine in addition to those they have access to as overseers.

    Zero Fire 1 LP: As anti-tank units. No one. Their low production cost is less significant an advantage than for the grim arachns since these attack systems are designed to be sacrificed.

    Just like the grim arachns. They benefit from decent close combat skills. Against tough enemies and targets whose tactical interest is high. However when unit. Reaper blades. The soul exists. During attack It includes all the data from. Unit composition Type: Storm arachn 18 Equipment Explosive charge: Damage Relay: This equipment can only be given to a unit leader. They are assembled to order by overseers from general golem or medusa patterns.

    Furthermore these support units can be composed in two ways: Overseers use them as suicide commandos. More subtle overseers hide their support units and activate them to ambush the enemy or to deal the final blow. Yet Therians still have slightly different uses for support units than the other armies of the galaxy. Therian support units are not necessarily composed of a specific type of troop. Some of them.

    Support units are constituted with some or all of an Attachment Box. Wandering robots carrying heavy weapons and programmed for destruction constitute an unbelievable threat for anyone happening to pass within reach.

    They now perceive the utility of units including a limited number of fighters but wielding great fire power: This equipment represents enough nanostorms for the whole game. Overseer delta: Equipment Optical camo module: Nucleus gun. Overseer omega: Overseer sigma: Any shot targeting the unit from beyond range 1 is an automatic failure. This ability also works against lock shots.

    Overseer omicron: Optical camo module. Equipment Nanostorms: Fighters equipped with nanostorms can shoot with this indirect fire weapon. Support Units Equipment Nanostorms: Sonic gun. Krakens have been granted light anti-tank fire with to their two light nucleus cannons.

    The passengers and pilot always benefit from this ability. They are compatible with most standard routines and can be piloted by an overseer. Its energy levels were sufficient to keep its information collecting and analyzing functions active.

    Closed transport. Within seconds. Its passengers remain conscious during transport. During internal memory space reorganization. Once it has reached its objective. It combines reasonable construction cost and advanced transport capabilities using nanoconstruction technologies.

    Frostbite (Mead novel) - Wikipedia

    Primarily a transport unit. Equipment Relay: The Kraken is equipped with a relay. Mobile nanogenerator: When the first Therians re-investigated. This event went completely unnoticed: This mineral containing unbihexium is extracted in the form of large crystals that can be transported without fear of it igniting in contact with air.

    Elysium crystals can be simply stockpiled in collectivist bases. The offensive on Damocles has increased the need for kolossium. Fortunately, a newcomer to the Red Blok political and military scene has offered its unexpected but much welcomed assistance: Gencol and its armies of clones.

    The genetic engineering sub-collective wishes to use this life-size experimental laboratory to test its new military forces. The shadow of Gencol is redrawing the collectivist political map, like a number of other rising sub-collectives, that have the budgets of local collectives but the ambition of central collectives.

    Victory is still far from certain; but with such reinforcements, it becomes possible. Its initial remit was xenobiological research.

    However, its undeniable successes have allowed it to open its field of investigation to genetics in general. GenCol seized the opportunity to carve itself a place among the most powerful collectives, gaining in the process relative independence from the Local Collective of New Ava.

    GenCol has developed costly gerontological treatments that can double the life expectancy of humans. This earned it the gratitude of the greatest — and oldest — leaders of the Red Blok. Thanks to their invaluable support, GenCol has been able to build a massive research structure in space, the Adan station see Army Book: Red Blok, p.

    In fact GenCol invented the artificial gestation and human cloning tanks. Although both heroes are an undeniable success, GenCol decided to carry on the perfecting of super-soldiers in order to assemble an army of superhumans who would definitely guarantee the triumph of the revolution. Yet the situation has caused many rivalries, but few are the leaders who dare to stand up to a sub-collective that offers to double their life expectancy.

    Finally, the last project GenCol prides itself with concerns bacteriological weapons. The first bacteriological grenades are appearing on the battlefield: However, with the discoveries it made, it grew to a more than respectable size. With this expansion the Adan station has become a gigantic research complex that is outsized only by the Tavarich station. Gencol is organized into three sectors of activity, all led by a cell of three administrators: The first sector of activity only concerns anti-aging treatments.

    High security quarters defended by heavy defense systems were set up to watch over the production of anti-aging treatments. Thanks to these initial investments, GenCol has managed to nurture an embryonic army and space fleet capable of defending the Neoavan stellar system, of course, but also powerful enough to launch military operations.

    The second sector of activity encompasses all medical research laboratories. Thanks to its combat fleet and its armed forces, GenCol was able to carry out live tests, confirming their terrifying efficiency. Finally the most important sector of activity: Pure research only represents a fraction of their activities. GenCol, in charge of producing soldiers on an industrial scale, has set up thousands of gestation tanks to create copies of the soldiers of the Red Blok.

    This constitutes the essential core of its activity. Only GenCol platoon patterns benefit from the advantage and disadvantage below.

    GenCol advantage: A Gencol company may include several copies of the same hero even in different units; The company may ignore the limitation on officers concerning heroes.

    GenCol disadvantage: GenCol units without an officer are immediately eliminated as soon as the player does not spend LP to activate it. This army includes powerful infantry fighters, concentrated around elite soldiers, but it does not overlook armored fighting vehicles.

    The men it was given in order to demonstrate the viability of armies of clone soldiers allow GenCol to deploy balanced companies. The short life expectancy of these bacteria prevents the development of any epidemic. Bacteriological grenades: Fighters equipped with bacteriological grenades can take shots with this indirect fire weapon.

    The minimum result needed on the die is always the same. This result is shown instead of the Penetration of the weapon. The three heroes GenCol developed, Odin O-1, Manon O-2 and Dragomira O-3, are extraordinary fighters and are some of the greatest revolutionary fighters alive.

    Consequently, the cloning program concerns standard soldiers, although they are carefully selected: In order to prevent any form of treason and to make sure the clone will not be captured, the cloning process inserts in each replica a security device meant to destroy these soldiers if they were to fall under enemy control or if they were ever to revolt against their master. This biological autodestruct system is a well kept secret even GenCol cannot control.

    It is triggered when the connection with headquarters is lost, voluntarily or not. So it is possible to obtain within less than two years a fully grown soldier whose muscle structure is generated and trained using electrical stimulation.

    But these soldiers lack the indispensable knowledge to make them true soldiers. On New Haven. At the age of eight. This prodigy of war was already able to perform on the Spetsnatz Kommando obstacle course. Dragomira O-3 was put through advanced military instruction. The mission had been sold out to the enemy by a local contact.

    There was even a time when part of the scientific team and certain officers were considering putting an end to the project altogether. I already know. She left behind a pile of bodies so high the White Stars believed they had been set up by a double agent.

    Excessive empathy and a stupefying ability to guess what her teachers were hiding from her made it almost impossible to hide the ends and consequences of the experiments to which she was subjected. The project unfolded as planned until she was six though she was biologically twelve. Her physical and intellectual development was artificially accelerated so that although she was only four years old she already seemed to be eight.

    Dragomira O-3 also followed tactical and strategic training in all fields of military sciences. Dragomira found out about it and managed to pull her platoon out of the ambush set up by the U. The investigation concluded that the cause was an act of negligence on the behalf of maintenance and the young girl was allowed to carry on her military career without any further worries.

    She then forced the pilots to take them back to a U. Dragomira used the general commotion to march her units right through enemy lines and to capture the landing shuttles.

    On Miramiru. She passed the physical aptitude tests of this elite unit with flying colors. Dragomira O3 had no problem finding out what her superiors were hiding. She was able to demonstrate that she was not as submissive as intended.

    Fortunately for Dragomira. Combat Clone: Lieutenant Dragomira O-3 is only eliminated if she suffers two damage points on a single Damage test. Building upon her celebrity. If she only suffers one. Lieutenant Dragomira adds value to that of the her Leadership Commander of the company when she is not Commander. She also provides the unit with an excellent officer. After these brilliant victories. Whenever she returned to the laboratories of GenCol. She can also support her Commander thanks to her Gestalt ability.

    Still dazzled by the great victories Dragomira was winning for them. Dragomira O-3 was no longer a guinea pig: Units with this ability have the following advantages: The Commander needs to be of an equal or higher rank than Dragomira. As part of GenCol. With the dragomirov kolossus. To make sure fear remains on his side. Crushing infantry with MGauss fire?

    Wiping out armored fighting vehicles with rocket launchers? Destroying enemy battlesuits using both weapons? Target eliminated. A dragomirov kolossus unit will survive anything thrown its way. Priority target: They might not have the same endurance to damage but you still need to get through their armor!

    With the high rate of fire of their weapons. Dragomirov kolossus The dragomirov kolossus corps only selects the best pilots. Assisted propulsion. Since her demise. It must be said that Lydia Vladimirovna. Her body was sent home with military honors and was buried in the mausoleum built for the heroes of the revolution.

    But his fate was sealed the moment he chose to step in the way of the unavoidable triumph of the revolutionary forces! She has been cloned three-hundred and fifty-seven times to date. She was killed in AT Aboard a strielitz kolosuus and. Here are the costs for extra fighters in kolossus units: Equipment Assisted propulsion: A warm crate is enough.

    The motivation of the Revolutionary Forces is such that there are always more volunteers than there is materiel anyway. But when it comes to sending entire armies over interstellar distances. Information Type: These units are not about to disappear! Rocket launcher. Grenade launcher. Support units Equipment Grenades: These units are designated priority targets. This unit is composed of krasnye soldaty. More mobile than nine. Equipment Grenades: Information Specialists Field engineer: The player puts a minefield card on the battlefield out of contact with any enemy miniature and within range 1 of the field engineer.

    Field engineer. Equipment Infrared goggles: Specialists Field engineer: Infrared goggles. ATGauss gun. Electronic warfare specialist: Specialists Medic: For each fighter with this ability on the battlefield. Equipment Sniper gun: And as usual the soldiers renamed it. The revolutionary forces simply modified the armament and reinforced its armor. The Soundouk is designed to support the infantry. The revolution might be marching out but sometimes it gets to fly too!

    It transports a unit onto a strategic zone with speed. But bear in mind that it was counter revolutionary engineers who designed our… carriage.

    Can you imagine a more terrifying threat than the sudden landing of one of these vehicles. The enemy is left to watch the fireworks and mourn the loss of his precious machine. It will provide cover and precious support fire against infantry. Karmans The Karmans are on home turf.

    The control of the spaceport. They need to be shown the way of the Karma. The Karmans are already atoning for the extermination of the Krygs.

    To most warlike among the Karmans. Watching entire civilizations destroying their own Karma through pollution. The war is threatening their farms. It is is no longer possible: Up until now.

    They form and disband depending on the needs of the moment and they can set up anything from a training session to a propaganda operation or even a resource collection operation. Arceo also organizes various theoretical sessions designed for all Karmans who are interested in its management and combat techniques. These small groups keep an eye out for ideological mistakes and they try to influence those about to make them. Its structure is a reproduction of its military methods: Once their training is completed.

    They cannot see the wood for the trees. Even when it is not the case. This might cause some serious problems in their relations with the factions that mobilized these forces. Those who are not convinced during training still leave with simple concepts and a few seemingly innocent ideas that form the seed of Arceo ARCEO 58 Arceo is not trying to guide the Karmans. The loss of a living being is merely a flicker compared to the gigantic brazier of planets and suns put to torture.

    The first to subscribe are often already members of Arceo who seek to perfect their skills. Therians included. On a few exceptional occasions. Win or die. Arceo must make sure the Karmans never forget that in the order of things the universe comes before its inhabitants. The contribution of the structure is only logistical. Arceo is also the cutting edge of guerrilla warfare. The loss of a star is a far greater karmic disaster than the loss of a few replaceable lives… Arceo believes the Karmans have lost their sense of priority.

    Many warrior-philosophers have come to train with Arceo to further their quest for awakening through armed combat. The great sages are distraught by the guilt of having exterminated the Krygs and the problems due to the resulting social schisms that have shaken Karman society.

    While they might not believe in them themselves. Fighting an enemy who has the advantage of numbers as well as air and space supremacy has become its specialty. In fact. These gatherings are also an opportunity to meet other members of the faction and discreetly plan future operations.

    They are the ones actively fighting against several invaders with particularly cataclysmic intentions for the planet where their headquarters has been moved. It prefers small cells of allies. Even the least experienced among them can perform emergency landings to dive behind cover and acrobatic rolls to use every possible bit of cover.

    Aware of their importance and their role as spiritual guides. Disregarded because of their weight. Arceo obviously favors light.

    The new result replaces the previous one. Any Karman unit can become a karmic warrior unit for a cost of 5 A. The maximum number of fighters in Type 1 and 2 infantry generally the same number of arunits is reduced by 1.

    RM 02 - Frostbite.pdf - Richelle Mead Frostbite-Vampire...

    This organization has created a new generation of pilots trained to leapfrog from cover to cover to stay hidden. Class 3 War has led many Karmans to the gates of Awakenarmored fighting vehicles are what is lacking in Arceo plaing. Arceo Platoon pattern: In terms of infantry.

    The problem is so serious Arceo has had to reduce the maximum number of fighters it can include per unit in order to be able to equip everyone. Karmic warrior: Once per game. Arceo never constituted a real army. Its teachings have favored the emergence of many awakened ones capable of bending reality to help save universal Karma. As for armored fighting vehicles. Only Arceo platoon patterns benefit from the advantage and which encourage adaptability and disadvantage below.

    It can do so because ability and absolute lack of stealth. This change of mind occurred at the right moment. Finding the enemy and intercepting him before he reached a crucial objective was a longshot that required the clairvoyance of a great tactician.

    He mapped them out precisely and placed sentinels. His sorrow was soothed and his serenity had returned. Guru Lucius. He organized secondary routes to allow Karman troops to wheel around enemy troops unseen. With a few warriors. As a consequence. Guru Lucius provided an answer to all these questions.

    Lucius had changed. Lucius formalized the Arceo doctrine with the help of several philosophers who had joined his cause. The guru retired from society for weeks to meditate on his pain and the reasons for such an ill twist of fate. The Karmans needed a charismatic leader capable of fighting the dire war ahead. He created the code of the gorilleros so the less awakened Karmans would know how far they could go without endangering their own karma.

    What had Lucius done for his karma to take such a toll? When he reappeared. This ability also works against locked shots. He constitutes a new unit but can join a friendly unit see AT Heroic pilot: When Diamond is destroyed the miniature representing Guru Lucius on foot is deployed where his machine stood. His cost is added to that of the unit. Adding to this quality. Those that resisted were torn to the ground.

    There was no pity for the inhabitants who were exterminated. Though he may not be one of the best commanders available for the Karmans. And even more importantly. With Grenades: Guerilla technique: Lucius forced the enemy to abandon all secondary excavation bases to defend the main colony.

    Fighters equipped with grenades can take shots with this indirect fire weapon. The best way to use them is to keep them in reserve until they get the opportunity to move within the dreaded twenty five centimetres from where they can put their skills to work. With two flamers per K-Armor. If need be. The Red Blok fortified its positions by dropping dozens of low walls from out of the sky. But they had not taken into account the two K-Burner squads sent to force them out. They had been smart enough to run.

    Its troops had fallen back behind this labyrinthine rampart of obstacles that had randomly fallen into place. Out of a total of one hundred and five revolutionary soldiers.

    It was convinced it could hold the positions indefinitely. The two squads set up a chain to move the low walls out of the way. KBurners charge straight up to the enemy. Even light combat striders are not safe from a little overheating.

    While their comrades fight from range.

    Frostbite (Vampire Academy, Book 2)

    From this range. Their fury is often an unstoppable eruption that leaves the bitter taste of ashes in the mouth of their enemies. Within minutes. When he is in contact with a low wall. Flamer x 2. This action replaces his close combat attacks. Regular units are always short of fighters.

    Of course. Drum gun. Fewer than one out of every two gunners ever makes it back to report on his mission. Support unit Karmans Equipment Jet pack: It is the only reason they exist in spite of the tacit opposition of Karman commanders.

    Jet pack. Jet pack: This allowed them to fight the revolutionary forces efficiently although the latter were far better equipped…except in terms of troop transport! Equipment Antigrav: MediaFire makes it easy to share through email, on your website, social media, messenger, or anywhere with a link.

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