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The Promise. The Promise Tory Richards Published ISBN Published by Liquid Silver Books, imprint of Atlantic B. THE. PROMISE. By Nicola Davies. Illustrated by Laura Carlin. ABOUT THE BOOK. On a mean street in a mean city, a thief tries to snatch an old woman's bag . Pages (PDF): Publication Date: Download links are below the donate buttons. I run this site alone and spend an awful lot of time creating these books.

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The Promise Book Pdf

These promises can also be viewed online at our web site at: www. Permission is granted to reproduce this book only on the condition that. Get Free Read & Download Files The Promise Book PDF. THE PROMISE BOOK. Download: The Promise Book. THE PROMISE BOOK - In this site isn`t the. Nikita Singh is the bestselling author of six novels, including [email protected], Accidentally in Love and The Promise. She has co-authored two books with.

Adam Braun. A young man from the U. It also covers lots of financial area on how to make money by staying true to yourself. All stories begin with a situation. Nevertheless, Adam Braun focuses on the journey or the build-up of the winning story. Every construction needs strong foundation or in this case — a simple, honest and truthful attitude which is in pursuance of building the biggest organization from top to bottom. In some of these chapters, Adam Braun talks about his life-journey and the crucial moment which forced him to leave his job at — an elite management consulting firm.

But whether imagination is keyed high or low, it is the "ultimate, essentially non-objective Reality from which objects are poured forth like sudden fancies" Hermann Keyserling, Count, "The Travel Diary of a Philosopher".

No object is independent of imagining on some level or levels. Everything in the world owes its character to imagination on one of its various levels. Objects seem so independent of our perception of them that we incline to forget that they owe their origin to imagination. The world in which we live is a world of imagination, and man - through his imaginal activities - creates the realities and the circumstances of life; this he does either knowingly or unknowingly.

Men pay too little attention to this priceless gift - The Human Imagination -and a gift is practically nonexistent unless there is a conscious possession of it and a readiness to use it. All men possess the power to create reality, but this power sleeps as though dead, when not consciously exercised.

Men live in the very heart of creation - The Human Imagination - yet are no wiser for what takes place therein. The future will not be fundamentally different from the imaginal activities of man; therefore, the individual who can summon at will whatever imaginal activity he pleases and to whom the visions of his imagination are as real as the forms of nature, is master of his fate.

The future is the imaginal activity of man in its creative march. Imagining is the creative power not only of the poet, the artist, the actor and orator, but of the scientist, the inventor, the merchant and the artisan.

Its abuse in unrestrained unlovely image-making is obvious; but its abuse in undue repression breeds a sterility which robs man of actual wealth of experience.

Imagining novel solutions to ever more complex problems is far more noble than to run from problems. Life is the continual solution of a continuously synthetic problem. Imagining creates events. The world, created out of men's imagining, comprises unnumbered warring beliefs; therefore, there can never be a perfectly stable or static state.

Today's events are bound to disturb yesterday's established order.

Imaginative men and women invariably unsettle a pre-existing peace of mind. Paperback , pages. Published February by Penguin India first published November 30th More Details Original Title. Nidhi Sharma , Abhay Shukla. Other Editions 6. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Promise , please sign up. Betty Mathew Do you want a ebook? I have it. Please let me know, I can email: See 2 questions about The Promise…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The Promise

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. He is most fascinating, serious and rich man, he escapes from his past and tries to live with its trauma.

She is able to break his sufferings by making him fall in love for the second time. A promise is made to be together, until disaster happens. It is a must read novel, every chapter starts with a influencing quote that make the novel itself unique.

(PDF) A Book Review of "The Promise of the Foreign | Gary Devilles -

Nikita Singh is an optimistic writer. The ups and downs are tremendously written, right phrases for right situation with astonishing emotion.

No one can finish the novel with complete dry eyes. When sambhavi insists on holding her dead baby but she could not, not because it was too painful but because of her broken arm, was the most heart aching moment. View 1 comment. Ok dear author, you have problems. We get it. I tried this book for some light reading before beginning with GoT again, and also because I've read your books before not that they were any good either haha. See the story is good but just because you have a good story does not mean that you become a writer does it?

You start off the book like an Indian FSoG.

I had my doubts on starting this book but the moment the hero says "I want you all to myself" after a business meeting, I was like And then you add so much melodrama. I've given this a lot of thought. It's okay if you give up writing. You don't have to go on and continue writing shit just for the sake of it.

Give it a thought, keep down the pen, and do something else. Enjoy your life: Don't be surprised if you get hate emails from a fake account. Just might be me: A lot of people may criticize her on and oft but I seriously loved the way the two books I've read have been written. If you are a die-hard romantic and a girl as well, do pick the book, you are surely going to love it. Your heart will cry when you will find Shambhavi struggling all the way all alone and have tears while you read Part IV of the book.

The trauma of a pregnant unmarried girl abandoned by her boy friend has been well portrayed. I just love every part of the book, nothing unnecessary, just the apt usage of words at the apt situation. The beginning of each chapter gives you a new lesson about life divulging a few realities related to emotions if in case you are unaware about them. This is something that makes me love the book even more.

Go ahead and read the book.

I see that Nikita is on a writing spree which is evident from that fact that she had written seven novels at such a young age. I guess, the quantity of writing doesn't do any good to the quality of the book.

My sincere advice to her is to take some time and write some good stuff, instead of piling up book on her name. The story was very ordinary, the narration was boring and the editing was not good enough. The characters were not consistent and the characterization was sloppy. Shambavi's first I see that Nikita is on a writing spree which is evident from that fact that she had written seven novels at such a young age.

Shambavi's first date with dutta was a classic example of immature writing. Comparing the person whom you are awed with to a shady character with reference to BDSM is one among innumerable instances. For heaven's sake take your time for your next novel.

Nikita Singh

I wish you all the best. This book is so stupid. It is poorly edited and written as if the writer couldn't care enough about writing an original story not only that, she didn't care enough to proof read it. A story that was copied and inspired from Fifty Shades of Grey. Don't pick it up unless you have nothing else to read and are interested in shady literature.

Its seriously an awesome book and a must read.

The best thing which is also unique about the book is that it starts every chapter with a quote, though it lets you know what's the chapter is all about and what's going to happen in it, but still increases curiosity to read it.

The ups and downs are good and logical, the characters are well designed and described, you can visualize each of them, though the lead Shambhavi was a little confusing one as I was unable to view her, but the character which Its seriously an awesome book and a must read.

The ups and downs are good and logical, the characters are well designed and described, you can visualize each of them, though the lead Shambhavi was a little confusing one as I was unable to view her, but the character which was very well scripted and seemed to be center of story is Arjun or Mr.

I felt really connected to the male protagonist, is loneliness, his pain, his fear, his fire for earning money and success, his change in attitude after achieving, his pulling away from accepting love, falling on her finally and then the beauties in love he do for her. And the disaster and its effect on both the protagonists was awesomely described, the struggle of Shambhavi and the punishment of Arjun to himself. The ending chapter are the best, the pain, the accident, the lose, everything has the capacity to make you emotional and bring tears, and finally the end was though very much certain and predictable but the concept and idea to show the climax was unique and good.

It will touch you for sure, and leave you lost for few minutes in it, and also make you remember your love especially lost love.

As it did to me and also ignited my passion for passion. Only drawback, it took a long time to start the main story which made it boring and is a risk to make reader lost interest and keep the book aside, it regains once Mr. Datta enters the story. I guess best individual book by Nikita Singh, expect more. First thing which I want to admit here is that I thing I am having a crush on you.

You look really beautiful. Every time when I was about to close your novel my eyes fell on the pic of yours on the last page and I fell in your eyes.

I think I should come back on review now.

I thought the story would be of Milli, but then Milli and her boyfriend got lost somewher First thing which I want to admit here is that I thing I am having a crush on you. Then came Arjun he too looked bored.

The Promise of a Pencil PDF Summary – Adam Braun

A roller coaster ride of emotions were wandering around me. Some of the scene took me so deep into the story that I forgot where I was and I was? For example the scene where Shambhavi told about her pregnancy to her father and other was when Arjun saw Pari in the operation theatre. Those were magic moments. Overall speaking, I am glad that I read the book. Let me tell you what I've figured about Nikita Singh's writing so far. Some of her expositions in this book truly surprised me.

I wanted to love this book very much, but sadly, I couldn't. Hence, the foreign language allows the work to survive and spread beyond the point of its initial emergence. Even if neglected or suppressed, Rafael writes, the Noli writen in Castillan can be discovered through its continuous translation and transmission.

Rafael writes that Florante at Laura instigates as much as it dramatizes the possibilities of translation that dwell in the midst of untranslated words.

The work mobilizes the vernacular to conjure the foreign and brings it to lodge in the familiar, enabling the promise of the foreign as which is always yet to come, of others who are always yet to hear, and in hearing, respond.

The Promise of the Foreign is without doubt well-writen and contributes to our understanding of the fundamental assumptions informing nationalist discourse, as well as the contradictions and complex realities at work in Philippine society.

By radicalizing our concept of what and who we are collectively, and instead of arguing from essentialist standpoint about what makes us unique, we may begin to see the wisdom in how a community imagines itself based not on who we exclude but rather on who we include.

The nation therefore is a complex project and translation is indeed a key to understanding such complexity. The book unfortunately is silent on how such translation can also be radicalized into an ethical technology such that the reckoning of the foreign within various sociopolitical sites of analysis can be seen as dialectically producing or reproducing the nation. If Rafael believes that the intellectuals and the public have been successful in appropriating the foreign through comedyas or novels, Rafael must also tell us whether there is still a need for a revolution.

Furthermore, if we can see translation at work from Latino poetry to Pasyon, and comedias to novels, then we must be able to situate the revolutionary poetry of Bonifacio and Del Pilar or the essays of Jacinto as culmination of this nascent nationalism.

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